Compression Theraphy


Lymphatic drainage or Compression therapy uses sequential compression of selected body parts: limbs, abdomen, and buttocks. Lymphatic Drainage is an excellent method of eliminating waste products from the organism. It stimulates blood and lymph circulation, improves nourishing and oxygenation of the body cells.

Lymphatic drainage according to Emil Vodder’s technique enables transport of nutrients and white blood cells. During the massage the lymph is drained effecting in instant relief from embolisms and oedemas. As a result lymphatic drainage detoxifies the body and helps to reduce weight.

Compression Therapy (BOA Max 2) device can intensify effects of other therapies for weight reduction like lipolysis, ultrasound cavitation.

Benefits of Compression Therapy

In Physiotherapy Medicine

  • Rehabilitation after injuries and contusions
  • Treatment of lymphatic failure
  • Treatment of venous failure
  • Prophylaxis of phlebothrombosis
  • Oedemas of upper limbs, chest and back after mastectomy
  • Various etiology oedemas of lower limbs
  • Slimming massage and treatments of cellulitis
  • Pdt prevention and elimination

In Aesthetic medicine, Cosmetics – wellness

  • Avoiding the development of cellulite
  • Stopping the accumulation of cellulite and liquid
  • Prevention and elimination of varicose the first stage
  • Shaping legs, abdomen, buttocks and arms
  • Strengthening loose skin (result of pregnancy, obesity)
  • Immediate relief for “heavy legs”
  • Speed recovery of skin after liposuction, laser lipolysis, cavitation
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